Meet the green(est) machine

Meet the green(est) machine

Mitsubishi LPG range is the world’s first to meet Stage V regulations for emissions

With a reputation for industry firsts (it was the first company to win every product category at the FLTA Awards for Excellence) Mitsubishi is once again setting a new standard: this time with the first LPG forklift to meet the super-low emission requirements of Euro Stage V.

“The need to reduce our environmental impact is more urgent than ever,” explains Stewart Gosling, Sales Director at Red Diamond Distribution, exclusive importer of Mitsubishi Trucks in the UK. “It’s not simply good practice but also about being on the right side of the law.

“In the past that drive to achieve conformity and meet demanding new environmental standards has almost always resulted in an uncomfortable compromise… usually a deterioration in performance or an increase in fuel consumption. But the remarkable thing about the Mitsubishi ES FG15-35N range is that it’s not only the cleanest running IC engine truck in its class, but also the most fuel efficient.

“In short, the GRENDiA ES series sets the highest standards for IC engine counterbalance forklift trucks in terms of carbon footprint whilst enabling the operator to achieve maximum productivity…”

As evidence, Gosling cites the real-world examples: “In a customer-led trial the GRENDiA consumed 40 percent less fuel than rival machines. Over a typical 5-year rental term, that equates to saving over £10,000. What’s more, the particularly low maintenance requirements contribute still further to reducing running costs.”

With environmental impact becoming an increasing concern, Mitsubishi was already ahead of the game, anticipating the introduction of Stage V regulations earlier this year.

The secret to the LPG-powered GRENDiA’s low emissions lies in its state-of-the-art management system, its high performance, purpose-designed industrial engine (most competitors use engines adapted from the automotive market).

The result? High-intensity performance and smooth-yet-rapid acceleration. And that’s not all. Because these machines are likely to spend some time indoors, the engine comes with a closed-loop three-stage catalytic converter which dramatically reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions — as well as 95 percent of dangerous NOx gases — making it the cleanest-running machine on the market — one that complies fully with Stage V.

But, the innovations don’t end there…

To further enhance their green credentials, both LPG and diesel models in the GRENDiA 1500-3500kg capacity range are fitted — as standard — with a sealed chassis and belly guard. This helps eliminate the “cyclone effect” whereby the engine sucks dirt from the floor (much like a vacuum cleaner) and

throws it into the air. This dust either lands on stored products or end up in the lungs of those working on or around the trucks.

Stewart Gosling concludes: “The Mitsubishi design team is genuinely focused on real-world requirements. They appreciate that customers face multiple, often competing, challenges; balancing the need to work at peak efficiency, drive down running costs… all while meeting ever-changing legislation. In developing the GRENDiA range they’ve achieved the near impossible by doing that and more: reducing the owner’s carbon footprint and maintaining Mitsubishi’s legendary reputation for reliability.”

To find out how much the GRENDiA range could benefit the planet as well as your profit margin, call the Mitsubishi Greenline on 0845 371 3048, or visit