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Designed for fast-paced, unforgiving operations, the PREMiA EM platform power pallet family from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is an operator’s dream.

“PREMiA EM trucks are extremely tough and reliable,” explained Stewart Gosling of RDD, the UK importers for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. “They need to be because they’ve got to handle the harsh treatment they receive, working in a hectic warehouse environment. At the same time, they need to deliver the high speeds and smooth handling to help operators work efficiently.”

The PREMiA EM range includes compact models in three platform variations (foldable platform, fixed platform rear entry, and fixed platform side entry), each available in either 2-tonne or 2.5-tonne capacities, with three different chassis sizes: mini, junior, and senior to accommodate different battery capacities.

Fast and exceptionally stable

Industrial sites often have uneven surfaces and slippery conditions. But with the PREMiA EM, operators stay comfortable and fully in control thanks to the truck’s DriveSteady feature – which harnesses innovative patented traction, damping and stability systems to provide excellent shock absorption.

A spring-loaded, hydraulic TractionPlus system works alongside DriveSteady to continuously increase pressure of the drive wheel for better traction, high drive speeds and short braking distance regardless of load weight.

Stewart said “The damped castor wheels have suspension so will absorb impact when moving over uneven floors. When the truck turns, the suspension and damping locks to stop any movement in the chassis. This prevents the truck from tilting and ensures exceptional stability when cornering. In turn this gives operators an added level of confidence when travelling at speed around the site, as they can feel how steady the truck is at all times.”

Efficient pallet loading

PREMiA EM trucks have tapered forks with ball bearing pallet rollers designed to minimise damage to pallets and enable safer entry/exit.

A combi controller system allows fast but smooth lifting and lowering, and as the fork carriage is separate to the chassis it only raises the forks, so no energy is wasted lifting the battery.

“The unmatched durability of the fork design, combined with class-leading bearing sizes, provide maximum uptime and productivity,” adds Stewart.

Ergonomic controls

With PREMiA EM, operators can choose from a range of tiller heads based on their preference, as the ergonomic best-in-class ErgoSteer tiller head is available in all control types: a long tiller arm with mechanical steering, short tiller arm with power steering, and comfort steering.

The ergonomic, weather-protected and impact-resistant ErgoSteer tiller head features large, easy-to reach buttons for comfortable use and safer operation.

“Mitsubishi PREMiA EM platform power pallet trucks deliver superior performance through the most demanding of tasks day in, day out,” added Stewart. “Their unparalleled durability means they require little maintenance and are built to stand the test of time. They are everything a warehouse operator needs to get the job done right.”

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