Sedna launches AI-driven solution for charterers

Sedna, the company harnessing data-driven communication for global trade excellence has today announced its newest product, Pulse. This landmark step into chartering is backed by Sedna’s AI and aims to carve a new path for digital transformation and profitability in maritime.

Pulse sits on top of the email inbox, transforming its data from email and other systems into a single, consolidated and customisable view. It shortens the entire analysis process by presenting deduplicated data in a structured table ready for analysis and further action. By presenting information in a simpler and more organised way, charterers are put in the driving seat – never missing an opportunity to make a fixture before the competition.

Pulse, which is already being trialled by global maritime customers, launches publicly today as an AI-driven solution on top of Sedna’s existing communication product, Stream, which is already used by thousands of shipping professionals around the world.

Revolutionising the fast-evolving charter market

With continuing economic uncertainties and fast-changing consumer needs, there is a core need for charterers to have easy access to complex market information in real time, so they can make swift and confident decisions. However, without a space to easily connect charterers to this critical data, they are left with high volumes of unstructured emails and data spread across several other systems. Charterers receive thousands of emails per day with market data about vessels and cargo that will be available in the future. This slows them down and makes it difficult to compare important information and take action on an opportunity. Lack of information and system fatigue leaves room for duplicated data, manual error and ultimately missed opportunities and lower profitability.

Deeply understanding this problem, Sedna has designed Pulse to cut through the noise and unlock data-driven success.

Pulse rivals other products on the market by drawing out only the necessary information from the charterer’s inbox and transforming it into a single, consolidated and filterable overview which allows them to make quickfire decisions about how tonnage and cargoes are managed and traded. With Pulse, time previously spent digging for information across dozens of systems can now be spent on analysing, negotiating and swiftly closing deals before anyone else – without switching screens.

With the announcement of this bold step into chartering, Sedna’s Founder and CEO, Bill Dobie, said: “Digitalisation has taken over maritime in the last decade, however, there remains a significant digital gap for charterers. They are stuck with ‘inbox overload’, spending hours each day wading through messages and preventing them from doing their jobs effectively.”

He adds, “We want to tackle this with Pulse, building on email to become the go-to solution which puts control into the hands of charterers so that they feel confident they’re making the best deals. With its sleek design and functionality, we have high hopes that Pulse will become the digital heartbeat for chartering operations.”

Building a solution for the future 

As Pulse matures, it will connect with and leverage a growing suite of data sources and analysis tools. Upon launch, Pulse customers will be able to take advantage of our current partnerships with Signal, Spot Ship and ZeroNorth for their AI-driven algorithms and Machine Learning capabilities – turning high volumes of email data into easily digestible and actionable summaries. Users will also be able to take advantage of enriching vessel insights through integrations with RightShip and Lloyd’s List Intelligence.

Søren Meyer, CEO, ZeroNorth, said: “As the shipping industry grapples with the increasing complexity of achieving its decarbonisation and profit goals, it’s critical that we’re able to turn the data at our fingertips into actions across the global trade value chain. That’s why we are proud to partner with Sedna and continue working with them to closely integrate our technology solutions, because we know that our shared vision of a more intelligent industry is only possible if leaders work together.”

The development of Pulse is supported by $42 million additional investment announced last summer from global software investor, Insight Partners, with participation from GK Goh Ventures.

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