The days are getting longer – Order with ERA by 5pm for next day delivery

The days are getting longer – Order with ERA by 5pm for next day delivery

After a cold, dark winter, there’s nothing like the feeling of the evenings getting lighter and spring being on the way. Longer days means getting more done, especially now you can place orders with ERA right up to 5pm and still benefit from next day delivery.

Flexibility is key

Understanding that their customers need flexibility to function in today’s competitive market, ERA is committed to providing a delivery service that suits their needs and enables them to order the product they require at short notice.

Significant investment

Tania Tams, Head of Marketing at ERA said, “Enabling our customers to be as flexible and efficient as possible, the Next Day Delivery Service with 5pm cut off is a huge achievement for ERA. It’s only possible thanks to the significant investment in our state of the art distribution facility, centrally located at the I54 business park, and the dedication of the team who are now working until 10pm to fulfil orders. This is a great asset not only to our larger customers, but also to smaller businesses who rely on quick turnaround and availability rather than hold larger stocks themselves”.

Customers first

Richard Eden, Head of Supply Chain, explained, “It has been a significant step change in operation to gear our warehousing teams and transport to deliver confidently on the 5pm cut off, but we have come together as a team to put the right processes in place to make this a service our customers can depend on. This will add not just flexibility, but can in turn lower the costs of inventory and storage for our customers given they can now get product from us at even shorter notice.  The 5pm cut-off adds further value to the already great service offering of 98% product availability that ERA are proud of.”