UKWA calls for confirmation that logistics employees are ‘essential workers’

As the country enters 2021 under the challenges of Lockdown 3, UKWA CEO Peter Ward has called for the government to confirm ‘essential worker’ status for all those operating in the logistics sector.

He says, “In his announcement the PM underlined the need to maintain the integrity of supply chains and logistics. Therefore, UKWA is asking the government to reaffirm its recognition of the logistics sector as ‘essential’ and confirm that logistics workers are cleared for essential travel to and from places of work as well to required delivery destinations. In addition, we are seeking confirmation that accordingly the children of logistics workers are permitted to attend school.”

In a letter from the Department of Transport at the beginning of the pandemic last March, the government formally stated that it considered the work of the logistics sector should continue to the greatest extent possible through the Covid-19 crisis, stating ‘ Haulage drivers, managers, warehouse staff and all other logistics professionals need to continue to go about their business to keep supply chains moving.’

UKWA has requested an updated letter from the government to provide absolute clarity that the decision taken in March 2020 remains relevant to the present time and the current national lockdown.


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