XELLZ recieves patent for ReelFrame tech

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Logistics company XELLZ has developed the ReelFrame as a solution to transporting heavy cable drums or reels without the use of cranes when loading and offloading. XELLZ is attempting to stabilise and improve the ongoing transportation challenge for the energy industry with their latest innovation. They have now received the first patent for the ReelFrame technology.


The concept for the cable drum transport is to remove any lifting requirements. The ReelFrame means that cable drums up to 100mt no longer need to be loaded for transport with a crane. Operational costs are lower, the process is safer, takes less handling and allows for a quicker turnaround.

The ReelFrame invention can transport a cable drum or reel by means of a road truck and multi-axle trailer combination, with the cable drum supported by a frame and a high-voltage cable. A road truck and trailer that includes a front trailer and a back trailer transports the frame holding the cable drum. During transportation, the frame is coupled to the trailer so that it connects between the front trailer and the back trailer. The width of the frame is reduced in size for transport by bringing the sides in an upwards position hydraulically.

The frame holding the cable drum can be unloaded by detaching it from the front and back trailer parts. Decoupling takes place after lowering the frame without the requirement of cranes. As the frame is transported in between both trailer parts, unloading can be achieved without using more space than the area already covered by the truck, trailer and frame during transport. This reduces disturbance caused by transporting cable reels at construction and job sites.

The frame is designed with a dual purpose, firstly for holding the cable drum in a rotatable manner so that a high-voltage cable can be wound or unwound and secondly for transportation in between trailer parts.

Peter Bouwhuis, CEO, XELLZ says “The design of the ReelFrame is such that the weight of the frame and the frame connector is at an absolute minimum. We are keeping it light and practical while maintaining the structure’s strength and integrity. For a frame that could transport a 100 metric tonne cable drum, the total weight is only seven metric tonnes.”


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