Hunter Global Tracking Ltd introduces the cable-free Bulldog Mini

New compact GPS + Cell-ID tracker gives up to 1000 positions per battery life/cycle

Hunter Global Tracking’s new compact GPS + Cell-ID tracker gives up to 1000 positions per battery life/cycle with primary batteries changeable by the user or rechargeable on an induction plate. The Bulldog Mini can track objects for 2-3 years at 1 position per day or for several months in case of multiple positions (e.g. transmitting 4 positions per day for 7 months). It can also monitor temperatures.
The Bulldog Mini comes in a reinforced waterproof (IP68) box measuring 11 x 7 x 2 cms and only weighs 150g (with battery). It can be attached to any mobile asset with magnets (special magnet plate on option), screws, Velcro or even cable-ties. It is the little brother of the Bulldog, only 3 times smaller but similarly cable-free, versatile and equally robust, reliable and powerful.
The Bulldog Mini is the ideal compact tracker for outside use; the perfect small anti-theft cable-free device which can also easily be concealed. It is designed for tracking/monitoring containers, IBCs, ULDs, pallets, crates, boxes and a host of other mobile assets such as vehicles (trucks, vans, cars, trailers, swap- bodies, construction and agricultural plant).
Cost-wise it is also ground-breaking: the unit itself only costs €199. By opting for HGT’s 24-month telecom/ management platform package (for €264) that provides 2 years’ worth of world SIM card, 2 MB of data transmission per month per device & the use of the management platform, the daily tracking cost would be only € 0.63 for those initial 2 years … and even less for any further years’ use.
The Bulldog Mini completes HGT’s new range of state-of-the-art intelligent tracking units for the transport industry and other mobile assets, comprising solar or long-life battery-powered units, some with multiple sensor and interface capacities, a comprehensive management & communications platform, all remotely customisable and easily installed by the user.
Customers can ascertain the exact whereabouts of their assets, with past history in tables and maps and a dashboard giving the status of the different parameters chosen as well as geo-fencing and other monitoring options. They can remotely set their own parameters from any Internet access point and see the results on a smart phone (frequency of geo-localisation, usual tracking data and geo-fencing functions as well as results of sensor/interface readings and eventual alerts).
HGT customers can choose from a complete range of cable-free tracking units according to their needs: either solar-powered, primary or rechargeable battery-powered (even by induction), depending on the length of the autonomy required; water- or weather-proof; for use outside or inside the asset; with extra technical options managed by the shipper: multi-sensor capacity (even from inside the container/truck) including temperature, humidity, shock, light, door locking/intrusion alerts, etc. as well as interfaces with reefers, wagon coupling shock measurement.
All HGT’s hardware and the software + telecoms platform are designed and made in Europe, sold, guaranteed and supported by Hunter Global Tracking Ltd, incorporated in Switzerland.