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Five tips for preparing your warehouse ahead of Black Friday

Craig Powell, Managing Director, Balloon One presents five top tips for warehousing ahead of the Black Friday retail rush Black Friday is one of the most important dates in the retail calendar, with slashed prices sending customers into a frenzy to grab the latest deals. While this is great for business, to make the most of the period, you’ll need to prepare your warehouse to cope with the surge in

Logistics Market

Onward Holdings' Route 66 to logistics market

A timely boost for logistics operators has been announced by Onward Holdings Ltd following the launch to market of Phoenix 66, a brand new, high bay state-of-the-art warehouse unit with yard parking for up to 40 commercial vehicles, on the Green Lane Industrial Estate in Featherstone. Expressions of interest have already been received by the property specialist for the facility in the Yorkshire logistics hub even before the construction of


Teletruk technology – optimising external warehouse capacity

With a shortage of good quality warehousing space in sight, occupiers are using specialist equipment to maximise the use of their existing property assets, says Paul Murray, JCB’s Teletruk General Manager. It’s no secret that warehousing facilities are in short supply, and the demand for new units and rental prices are expected to increase due to the lack of quality stock available to online customers. In a recent survey commissioned by

C-47 aircraft at the facility

Walker Logistics restores WW2 aircraft in Berkshire, UK

Logistics services company, Walker Logistics, has restored a World War Two aircraft in a Berkshire village, within the UK.Walker Logistics intended to commemorate the role that the village played in the War by restoring the aircraft, which took off from Membury Airfield more than seven decades ago. The site is currently home to the company’s 200,000 sq ft multi-user warehouse, the same location where aircraft took flight, partaking in the D-Day landings

Radio-frequency identification (RFID): Fact or fiction?

Andrew Blatherwick, Chairman, RELEX Solutions, discusses the slow adoption of radio-frequency identification (RFID). The industry may have been talking about RFID for 20 years, but it still has not come into common use or delivered significant value to retailers. The biggest issue has been the hype and promise that was created, without the technology in the right place to deliver. The price of tags has been an inhibitor to mass adoption:

Geodis and Delta Drone confirm development of a new warehouse inventory solution utilising drones

A few months after the start-up of the project and in line with the planned schedule, the initial development phase of this unique project has come to a successful conclusion following extensive testing in real-life conditions at the sites of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône (near Paris) and Plaisance-du-Touch (near Toulouse). The initial prototype demonstrated all the potential of the developed system. It comprises a quadcopter drone fit with high-resolution cameras and a ground-based

IBB upgrades its fleet with robust Jungheinrich vehicles

  Established eight years ago and now supplying over 1000 customers in the UK, IBB Polish Building Wholesale operates to exacting standards in a fast-paced environment where meeting customer demands, on time and to schedule, is absolutely critical. Keeping goods moving on-site and loading lorries efficiently are essential activities requiring robust and reliable material handling equipment. Operating 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, forklift trucks are engaged in carrying heavy

William Walker

Optimising warehouse efficiency requires a positive relationship with the workforce

William Walker (pictured), Sales Director of Walker Logistics Ltd discusses with ITM how important a positive relationship with the workforce is when promoting efficiency in the warehouse.Staff matter The recent media coverage of Sports Direct’s treatment of its workforce has shone a light on that company’s ‘strategy’ for maximising the cost efficiency of its warehouse staff. In case you missed it, conditions at Sports Direct’s warehouse facility in Derbyshire have